Transforming your email game

We will add an extra $55,000 - $110,000 in email revenue in the first 45 days or you don’t pay.


New Age Emails is the New Gen of email marketing for ecommerce brands, we replace the bland corporate language with fun and engaging content. Who doesn’t love a creative email? We are tired of the old bland email strategies that only consist of promo, SALE SALE SALE and long copy you never read. New Age Emails is here to ‘make it rain’ so make sure you come prepared  😉

Our Team

We are more than just an agency, we are your email strategists, experts and partners. Your businesses growth is our main priority. Our turnaround times are pretty impressive ;)

Your Freedom

Less stress and more freedom. You don’t have to worry about your email strategy. We plan everything out for you so you don’t have to worry about any distractions whilst growing your multi billion company!

Your Results

More Revenue, better brand awareness, world class designs, an amazing community nurtured and engaged all without spending extra on ads. Sounds like a fair trade to me.

Who we help

We help e-commerce brands build retention systems that make them stand out in their customers' inboxes, double their sales, and increase their revenue with results in as little as 30 days!?
Problem 1
You’ve got bigger fish to fry
There is a ton of revenue just floating around that you are yet to unlock not because you can’t but because you are just too busy or would rather spend your time on other things. Not to worry we have something your competitors don’t have … *wink* *wink*

Your email list is an underrated asset so let's make your email strategy better with our proven frameworks before it’s too late late late *echoes*
Problem 2
Bringing a ton of traffic to your store without having a method to capture your leads is like filling up a bottle full of holes with water (not so much of a smart idea now is it?).  

You can 10-20x your current revenue with paid ads which is amazing but what about that 25-40% you’re missing out on?
problem 3
Poor Email strategy
You’re sending emails with no clear goal. What are you trying to achieve with your emails? Do you want to create binge-worthy emails for your customers? Are you trying to make more sales and be profitable without spending that extra cash?

Say no more we couldn’t have been any more compatible than this 🥺
Problem 4
Unrelatable content
All the emails you’re sending sound generic, bland and salesy… *yawn*

We’ve got to wake it up! Where's the personality and personalization? You’re not making your reader feel anything from your emails. Your subscribers are actually happy to read emails from their favorite brands (including yours) as long as those emails are eye-catching personalised and binge-worthy!


Our process relies heavily on solid testing and data-driven analysis. We build an email strategy that works for your store and create automated flows that generate you revenue on autopilot.

Audit Account

This is where we find the leaks. We review everything from your copy to designs to flows and your previous campaigns. We look for all the hidden gems that your email strategy is missing. Once we find em we fix em!

Automated Flows

We create the flows you need to drive up to 30% of your revenue on autopilot with powerful behavioural flows. The flows are so powerful not even Mike Tyson could knock them down!

Grow Your List

We will skyrocket your subscribers with irresistible lead magnets.

Campaign Management

We create a campaign calendar and report on performances/metrics and use this data to improve engagement, increase sales, and build stronger relationships with your audience.


So .... What results can you expect from us?
More Time For You
Peace of mind, knowing your email channels are being looked after to a high standard. Look at us as gardeners. We make sure your plants will continue to grow and yield delicious fruits for you.
Higher Quality Output
Your brand will be able to deliver binge-worthy emails without you needing to worry about a thing.
Outperforming your competitors
Proven frameworks that works for your brand. None of that BS ❌
More Sales
More sales without having to spend more money on ads.
A Growing Community
A growing and engaging community at the tip of your fingers *magic*
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Our Packages

What can we offer you?

Growth Package
Automated Flows
Monthly Consulting
Advanced Pop up
List Segmentation
A/B Testing
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Enterprise Package
Include :
Advanced Design System
Automated Flows
Ongoing A/B Testing
Monthly Consulting
Optimisation of Flows
Advanced Pop up
List Segmentation
A/B Testing
Monthly Campaign Strategy & Calendar


We know what you’re thinking... Let’s answer them for you!

How quickly can I expect to see results?

You can start seeing results as early as a couple of days. Ultimately we optimise for long term wins rather than short term.

Our Refund policy

1. Refund Eligibility   - We offer refunds for our email marketing services under the following:      
- If we fail to deliver the agreed-upon services within the specified timeframe.

2. Refund Process   
- We will review the request and assess its eligibility within 7 business days   - If the refund is approved, the client will receive the refund via the original payment method.

3. Non-Refundable Items   
- Certain services or components of our email marketing campaigns may be non-refundable. These will be specified in the initial service agreement.

4. Service-Cancellations   
- Clients can cancel ongoing services with New Age Emails at any time. However, a 30-day notice should be given and all fees owed paid.

Does size matter?

No, we don’t judge. If you’re small or big we've got just the package for you :)

Are we credible?


We have a team of 5 world class marketers that have worked with over 400+ brands collectively over the last 6 years.

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I've tried an email marketing agency before and it didn't work out...

Tell us about your experience and we'll make sure that you don’t have another sh*t show.

We don’t take on every project. We know our capabilities and select clients whose needs align with the solutions we provide.

You're fully covered with us!

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Our goal is to change the email industry and make brands profitable one email at a time. We’d love to hear your story.
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